Sustainability is one of the key objectives which we carry out our business with. Our timber comes from well-managed forests and the attention towards the environment characterizes each stage of our production. It is essential to ensure the well-being of future generations. For this reason, we have adapted our system to the requirements of the EUTR regulation.

Regulation (EU) 995/2010, better known as EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), provides for compliance with a due diligence system and applies to wood and all products derived from it, including paper. By following each step, Adriatica Timber Agency makes sure to treat the wood without compromising the health of the environment in any way. All our material from Indonesia is FLEGT licensed and can also get FSC® certification upon request; this licensing system ensures the traceability and legality of timber throughout the supply chain, from forests to factories to the dispatch. Thus, FLEGT licensed products automatically meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation.

FSC Licence code: FSC-C163890

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